All about the Chimney Rock State Park

Some of the most spectacular mountainous landscapes of North Carolina can be found in the Chimney Rock State Park, a landscape that has a magnetic appeal for both locals and tourists who decide to go there. Artists, writers and film directors have been inspired by the imposing granite monolith of the park, and rocky outcrops and rock outcrops that house peregrine falcons, rare flowers and endangered species. The landscape of this park was the scene among others of a film that was a blockbuster in 1992.

Surely you remember the forests of that film, the rivers and the waterfalls, although the main attraction of the park is the Chimney Rock, a granite monolith with an impressive summit that stands out imposing at a height of 695 meters and from which you can Enjoy endless views over the Hickory Nut Gorge canyon and the beautiful Lake Lure. The Chimney Rock State Park is a natural paradise for lovers of the outdoors, a park in which walking becomes an adventure. Here we will be able to undertake walks of different levels of demand, with one as the protagonist, which takes us to the top of the Chimney Rock Mountain.

The path that gives access to the summit includes some stairs of 491 peaks that save a height difference of 96 meters, and that propose a challenge for the hikers. The second point of reference within the park is the spectacular Hickory Nut Gorge. A canyon more than 22 kilometers long that cuts a picturesque pass, at a depth of 548 meters, through the Blue Ridge Mountains. It is an area of leafy virgin forests, waterfalls and granite cliffs that impresses.

From the top of Chimney Rock, you will not be able to see another of the main attractions of this park, the Hickory Nut Falls. You will have to walk a path to get to them. Hickory Nut Falls is one of the highest waterfalls in North Carolina east of the Mississippi and you can reach the base to admire the 123 meters high and lose yourself in the mist that creates water on your trip through the rocks. Both Chimney Rock and the falls are visible from the road and from the city of Chimney Rock.

If you travel with the little ones you cannot miss Great Woodland Adventure, a path where you will be greeted by Grady Groundhog, the mascot of the park and that becomes a perfect plan for exploration and discovery. It has twelve stations located along the way in which fun facts about some animals are exhibited, and in which you will find activities for children. A journey to learn things like if a frog has extra legs, it is a sign that the ecosystem is contaminated, or that some spiders use their nets as instruments. And you can book guided hikes, nature workshops and rock climbing classes in advance for both beginners and advanced levels.

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